Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate To A Cloud Based System

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A quick search on “benefits of working in the cloud” yields countless articles on the positive and negative aspects of migrating to a cloud based work environment. Its also no secret that more and more companies are heading toward a cloud based environment where subscriptions to software are becoming the norm. Adobe’s Creative Suite and Microsoft Office are two examples of giant companies that have both moved to a cloud based subscription services over the past 5 years, and in the process, offering benefits to subscribers.

Today with iCloud, Salesforce, or Adobe CC, an article that lists the benefits of the cloud might be considered somewhat dated, especially since people have been enjoying cloud-based services for more than 5 years, but there are still plenty of people who are running off legacy systems that depend on manually installed software. And its because of those businesses that cling to legacy systems that we created our list of the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate to the Cloud.

  1. Cost
  2. Most businesses will consider the cost as one of the top two reasons to either purchase or pass on a new software solution. Business software is not cheap, and businesses want to get the most bang for their buck; with a subscription based service, they not only get the software they want, but also get access to updates, continued support, and rarely have to worry about software maintenance. Removing the fact that your IT staff does not have to sort through code to provide tiresome updates to the entire network creates added value.

  1. Use Friendly
  2. Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Dropbox all have cloud-based products that are easy to use with little to no training involved. Even Priority Data’s cloud based policy administration system, PDSpectrum, is simple enough for some new users to figure out on their own, although to be on the safe side, we do provide training to show new users all the ins and outs of the system. The bottom line is that having a system that is easy to use is a must for anyone looking to move to the cloud.

  1. Security/Recovery
  2. Being able to access constant updates on the fly is a must for anyone looking to keep their business secure. Having access to a cloud based system means that you will always have the latest update allowing for a more secure business. In addition to updates, there is also the issue of the system being offsite and in the cloud. If a natural disaster or malicious attack were to affect your business’s network, you can rest assured knowing that your data and software are stored safely in the cloud.

  1. Updates
  2. As noted above, updates and security go hand in hand, because the longer a system goes without any manufacturer issued updates, the more risk the business will take on due to the threat of malware. Software manufactures issue updates not only because of bugs or faults in the software, but to plug holes or breaks in the software that might allow a hacker to gain access through a faulty line of code.

  1. Scalability
  2. Business is booming and you have hired a few new agents or added more people to the marketing team; in order for them to have access to your system your IT staff needs to manually install software and generate logins, which sounds like additional labor cost. If you were on a cloud-based system, getting you system ready for new hires could be as easy as opening up a browser and generating logins. The ability to easily take on new employees and increase the size of your company on the fly is a valuable asset for any company, and cloud based solutions, typically allow for such mobility.

The list for reasons why you should move your business to the cloud can total well beyond numbers most people would care to read, but the above list, in our opinion, are the Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate To A Cloud-Based System.