Project Turnaround

At Priority Data, we understand that outsourcing any portion of your business means relinquishing control which can be a scary thing. Often times we get asked from our clients “How long will this take?” because they rely on these answers to do their job. Well the short answer is, it really depends.¬†Our turnaround ranges anywhere from same day to two weeks, but there are a few factors that come into play.


Depending on what service(s) are needed and how they correlate with one another can affect turnaround. Obviously the more complex and detail-oriented, the longer it will take us.

All Information Is Provided

It’s important that you, as the client, provide us everything we need for a project so we can hit the ground running. Delays often come when information is missing or¬†unavailable.

Price Point

When time is of the essence, we are able to re-arrange our resources to ensure that your deadlines are met. Just make sure we know when you need things done.

The only way to accurately assess the turnaround of your project is to Contact Us to get started!