The Heartbleed Bug: How was Priority Data Affected?

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Last week saw major news sources comment on the recent discovery of the Heartbleed bug that raised security concerns across the Internet. Most experts estimated that the bug could have affected nearly 2/3 of the world’s servers.

While some of the world’s top Internet sites such as Twitter, and LinkedIn remained fairly secure during the ordeal, some sites such as Yahoo and OkCupid were left vulnerable due to using unpatched versions of OpenSSL.

Well how did all of this affect Priority Data and their web-based services?

Here at Priority Data, our web-based solutions were completely unaffected by the Heartbleed Bug. In order to be affected by Heartbleed, the servers must be using the vulnerable versions of OpenSSL. At Priority Data, we don’t use OpenSSL on our sites. We did an additional assessment and no systems at Priority Data have been impacted by Heartbleed. However, other services that you use may be impacted. It is advised to change your passwords, especially if the same password is used on multiple sites.