Priority Data takes the “tedious” out of the task with our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. We are equipped to take on many job functions and roles within your business, from the basic document processing to more complex workflow management.


Because of our size and flexibility, we can scale our business processing services to fit your exact need. What that means is that your business can function optimally by choosing to partner with us full-time or on a contractual basis as the need arises. Short timeframes with a large volume of work? No problem.


We understand that entrusting your information in someone else’s hands can be nerve-racking, but rest assured that all processing is done in our secured offices located in Omaha, NE. In addition to the security measures we put in place, our facility is both HIPAA and PCI Compliant.


Pay for only what you need and use with our Pay-Per-Task Model.  Simply stated, there’s no cost until a task is performed and there are definitely no surprises. Forget spending money on salaries, benefits, and additional office equipment to perform the work that Priority Data can more cost effectively handle. At the end of the day, you can trust us with your business processing needs and realize the costs savings of doing business with Priority Data.