Made In America

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This phrase has come and gone as an advertising pitch. Forbes looks at one of the latest companies to use it from the Super Bowl this year in the article: ‘Mat’ In America: U.S. Manufacture Succeeds for WeatherTech. But this article is about much more than the advertising pitch of Made in America. It is about the actual success of a company that has decided not to offshore part of its operation.

Why as an outsourcing company would we at Priority Data point out an article like this to you?  What’s the relevance?

The answer is simple we don’t offshore anything! We believe in many of the same principles as the company highlighted in the article even though we are a clerical firm and they are a manufacturing one. We have a full article here on our US operation.

Ultimately by using a US only Business Process Outsourcing partner you have greater control, more interaction and the result is higher quality. This usually means the actual total cost of outsourcing is the same or lower than offshoring the work even though their “price” is lower.