Digital Correspondance: What You Need To Know

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Over the past few years many industries have been switching from paper correspondence to digital by sending out emails or text messages. The reasons for this switch are as basic as being environmentally conscious or saving money on paper to the more complex such as making it easy for their customers to do business with them.

10 years ago, bills or insurance cards would arrive at your door, while now, we have the convenience of having these documents being available whenever, wherever we are via secure websites. For instance, you forgot to bring your health insurance card on that Hawaii vacation; instead of worrying about not having that card incase of injury, most providers will allow you to log into their site and print off a temporary card.

The same is now happening for most auto insurers and even property insurers, as they are transitioning from paper documents and correspondence, to digital. Many states are even ahead of the curve by pushing legislation that makes it legal to accept electronic proof of insurance; so downloading your provider’s app could be in your best interest.

Smartphones and tablets have given people not only the ability to access the internet anywhere, but it also allows them to take their stuff with them; music, pictures, movies, books, email, work, and now electronic proof of insurance and other important documents.

And while it is still important to maintain paper documents for your personal records, you will now the convenience of having that same document available on your mobile device.