A Conversation About Drones: An Accessory For Industry

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As we are getting ready to close out 2014, personal drones have become a hot topic all year. From everyday users uploading exciting aerial video, to industries planning on implementing drones in the near future, the way people are viewing these miniature aircraft is rapidly changing.

As the Insurance industry is already planning its own drone strategy, we felt it would be important to read up and find out about drones and how they will impact our future. This is the final article in our series of short articles about drones.

Drones: An Accessory For Industry

Cameras have now become a major decision when enthusiasts are considering purchasing or building a drone. A simple search of YouTube contains hundreds of videos showing pilots flying over cities, landscapes, or even into a firework’s display. The footage that modern cameras are able to capture combined with the smooth air ride of a drone is becoming an important tool for photographers, directors, and even insurance inspectors and farmers. Considering that, its no surprise that Hollywood is even looking into drone technology.

The shipping industry is also ready to capitalize on drones, as aerial deliveries or even same day deliveries may be something to look forward to in the near future. Amazon, the online retail giant, has considered employing drones for such uses.

One of the more surprising and unusual uses for drones has been gaining traction this year as some farmers have started to use drones to inspect their fields. By using this new technology, they are now able to do an activity in a fraction of the amount of time that may have otherwise taken an entire day or longer. Drones are becoming more popular with farmers and residents in rural areas that need to maintain large areas of land.

The Insurance Industry has also been keeping an eye on drone technology. Using drones would allow for more detailed inspections of homes, buildings, and other properties. For example, HD cameras would be able to shoot video or take pictures of all listed buildings for a farm property that would allow for a more accurate farm policy.

Even storm chasers are planning on using drones in the near future. Being an already dangerous occupation, storm chasers are hoping to gain valuable data as they send off the tiny UAVs into dangerous thunderstorms and tornadoes. The potential information they could gain from such deployments could allow for better forecasting and improved warnings.

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