The Venom Bug: Was Priority Data Affected?

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Yesterday online news sources published information about the recent discovery of the Venom bug which questioned the strength of cloud security; Venom stands for “virtualized environment neglected operations manipulation.” The bug affects hypervisors that controls and coordinates the virtual machines running on a server. Last year the Hearbleed bug was estimated to have potentially impacted […]

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Data Security and Vendors

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20 years ago most people stored their data in file cabinets; today businesses spread their data over various platforms and vendors. Cloud storage has allowed us to move from on-site storage and secure servers to a place where virtually anything can be accessed anywhere by nearly any type of device. The way we share company […]

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Augmented Reality and Insurance

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A few weeks ago, Microsoft held an event where they unveiled their latest operating system, Windows 10. A host of new and improved features were added to the latest chapter in Windows, but what many took away from the event was a new offering from Microsoft, Hololens. Hololens is an augmented reality headset that lets […]

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