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The Venom Bug: Was Priority Data Affected?

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Yesterday online news sources published information about the recent discovery of the Venom bug which questioned the strength of cloud security; Venom stands for “virtualized environment neglected operations manipulation.” The bug affects hypervisors that controls and coordinates the virtual machines running on a server. Last year the Hearbleed bug was estimated to have potentially impacted […]

Data Security and Vendors

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20 years ago most people stored their data in file cabinets; today businesses spread their data over various platforms and vendors. Cloud storage has allowed us to move from on-site storage and secure servers to a place where virtually anything can be accessed anywhere by nearly any type of device. The way we share company […]

How IoT Can Reduce Risk In The Home

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For more than 5 years now we have seen the benefits of connected devices or the Internet of Things, IoT for short. From smart watches and Fit Bits to home appliances and children’s toys, we live in a time where a variety of devices have the ability to latch on to a WiFi or Bluetooth […]

Augmented Reality and Insurance

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A few weeks ago, Microsoft held an event where they unveiled their latest operating system, Windows 10. A host of new and improved features were added to the latest chapter in Windows, but what many took away from the event was a new offering from Microsoft, Hololens. Hololens is an augmented reality headset that lets […]

Visit Priority Data at the 2015 MAFMIC Convention

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If you are attending the 120th Minnesota Association of Farm Mutual Insurance Companies Convention in Minneapolis this weekend please stop by our booth, located at the top of the escalator, and visit with our Priority Data Team. At our booth you can see how PDSpectrum works on the rolling video or schedule your own personal […]