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Commercial Drone Operations in the Insurance Industry

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Since their introduction into the market personal drones have become a hot topic. From everyday users uploading exciting aerial video, to industries planning on implementing drones in the near future, the way people are viewing these miniature aircraft is rapidly changing. As the bigger players within the Insurance industry already have drone operations in place, […]

Evaluating Your Operations For 2017

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The New Year is fast approaching, and with the arrival of New Year, comes personal goals and resolutions. It is also a time when many businesses consider setting new goals for themselves, whether its departments looking to expand their personnel or contemplating ways to improve growth during the New Year and beyond. When considering operations, […]

A Look At P&C Insurance in the Sharing Industry

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Some have claimed that the way of the future will involve a “sharing economy” where everything from cars and bicycles, to homes and jets will involve people cost sharing or renting their property out to people. If you live in a large city then most likely you have heard of Uber, Lyft, and Airbnb, who […]

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Migrate To A Cloud Based System

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A quick search on “benefits of working in the cloud” yields countless articles on the positive and negative aspects of migrating to a cloud based work environment. Its also no secret that more and more companies are heading toward a cloud based environment where subscriptions to software are becoming the norm. Adobe’s Creative Suite and […]