5 Tips For Writing An Effective RFP

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As a company that responds to many RFP’s we find many organizations don’t think through this process and end up with a general and incomplete request for proposal leading to poor or varied responses from vendors. We created 5 simple areas to focus on to ensure you have written an RFP that will serve your needs.

To meet the end goals of the RFP process, it is imperative to state your needs and requirements in detail.

  1. Provide project parameters in detail. Be very specific so all vendors respond with the same ideas in mind.
  2. State your needs and requirements clearly. Be clear where there is area for the vendor to propose different solutions.
  3. Include any vendor requirements that may disqualify potential vendors from participating. It is important to be direct early in the process about what you don’t want in a vendor.
  4. Depending on the complexity, allow ample time for vendors to respond accordingly. Each quote is often different and rarely is there a standard one-size fits all formula.
  5. While drafting your RFP, meet with all partners within your organization who will be involved in the project once the RFP is awarded and implemented. It is important to get all of their input and knowledge added to the RFP early in the process.