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5 Tips for Improving Your Forms

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A few weeks ago we posted a detailed article, 5 Tips for Printed Form Design; today we are sharing a visual version of that article that gets down to what you need to know about form design.  

Its 2014…Isn’t Print Supposed to be Dead?

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In the late 2000’s it was proclaimed that print would soon be dead due to the fact that everything was moving toward digital delivery. Magazines, newspapers, and publishers took notice as they were primarily hit by declining subscriptions and sales, while receiving an increase in web traffic. Even the world’s greatest collection of knowledge, Encyclopedia […]

New XP Security Threats

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On April 8th, 2014, Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP, however, there are still many active users of the unsupported Operating System. CNET recently published an article that said Windows XP made up 26% of all desktop traffic in April; even the United States Government is still using Windows XP as news surfaced that […]